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Refer colleagues to the QuickFi® mobile application and earn basis points that you may use to lower your company’s interest rates. For every business you refer, you will earn 50 basis points**. Your referral will earn 100 basis points.

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Read the full Referral Program Rules here.

Referral FAQs

To be considered a “referral”, your colleague(s) must enter your QuickFi Code into the appropriate screen as they set up their new QuickFi account. Refer QuickFi to colleagues by sharing your unique QuickFi Code with them. 

  1. Log into the QuickFi mobile application.
  2. Tap the Referrals button.
  3. Tap the Share QuickFi Code button to select your preferred method of sharing.

Tip: Posting your QuickFi Code to your social media networks is an effective way to earn the most points!

You may refer QuickFi to as many colleagues as you’d like, as long as they work for different businesses.

One (1) QuickFi reward point is equal to one (1) basis point (00.01%) of an interest rate. Applying one (1) reward point to a QuickFi transaction will lower its fixed APR by 00.01%.

Yes. Your lowered rates will be fixed to the contract until the end of the transaction’s term. 

All point additions, subtractions, and pending points, as well as the companies that use your QuickFi Code, are recorded on the Referrals screen of your QuickFi mobile application.

Refer. Reward. Repeat.

*When you refer enough businesses to QuickFi®. To redeem 0% APR, the qualifying transaction must be between $5,000.00 – $50,000.00.

**When your referral completes their first QuickFi® transaction.

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