Advanced equipment financing to help your business grow.

QuickFi allows you to initiate and complete equipment financing in minutes, when you want and where you want, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

Our platform puts you in complete control of the entire process, with no back and forth emails, or phone calls with finance salespeople and no black box of communication. You initiate financing on your time with a transparent, stated, fixed rate throughout the life of your loan through our secure system.

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Speed Three minutes. Days or weeks.
Process Order your equipment. Once it arrives, upload the invoice to QuickFi, select your desired structure and term, and finalize the transaction with a single digital signature. The typical process includes a call or email to request a proposal. Based upon proposals, the customer will evaluate and choose finance providers. After the proposal is signed, a lengthy approval process is started, with at least one or two rounds of "closing paperwork" often requiring more than ten signatures.
Transparency 100% Transparency - QuickFi discloses the interest rate on loans and does not have any hidden fees or costs. Salespeople are typically incented to charge the highest rate possible. The APR is typically not disclosed. Advance deposits, payments in advance instead of arrears, extended funding periods with partial payments, and hidden fees all increase the borrower's costs.
Client Control You are 100% in control of the QuickFi process, from start to finish. 24/7 live chat support is always available. Transaction process is fully controlled by the equipment lender and salespeople. Nothing can advance without phone calls, emails, and meetings.
Communication No advance communication is required. The entire QuickFi process can be completed in three minutes by the customer, through the mobile app. Live chat or telephone support is always available. Customers must communicate with sales, credit, operations, collections, asset management, accounting, and lender management representatives. Customers must often involve the lender in equipment acquisition well before funding is required.
Paperwork / Signatures QuickFi provides one digital contract that requires one digital signature. The completed contract is stored on a blockchain for easy and secure client access 24/7. Requires a minimum of three rounds of paperwork, often requiring more than ten client signatures per each financing. Over 80% of all transactions today are completed on paper with U.S. Mail or overnight mail transmission of multiple documents.
Security Best available security including digital ID verification, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with artificial intelligence, biometric authentication factors, digital signature, cloud infrastructure, and blockchain technology. Poor security with little digitization.
Support 24/7 Live Chat Support. All communication takes place during business hours and on non-bank holidays.

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