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Accelerate your equipment sales with a B2B embedded equipment finance platform.

Business equipment manufacturers can adopt the end-to-end, 100% digital, QuickFi business equipment financing platform to sell more equipment, faster, while dramatically improving the equipment buyer’s experience.

QuickFi Equipment Financing Platform for Manufacturers

 Scalable, frictionless financing

Trusted by the world’s leading equipment manufacturers

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Why do equipment manufacturers choose QuickFi to grow.

Leading equipment manufacturers use the patented QuickFi platform to initiate and complete equipment purchaser financing in just minutes. QuickFi eliminates the need to manage complex equipment leasing software systems and eliminates costly servicing, collection, customer service, IT, security and other staff costs.

With reduced operating cost, faster cycle times, and improved borrower satisfaction, QuickFi increases both bottom and top line equipment financing performance.

QuickFi’s patented technologies include:

 Biometric authentication, drivers’ license verification, KYC & KYB

Advanced security, mobile and cloud technologies

 AI/ML, process automations

Manufacturer integrated financing solutions

QuickFi gives business equipment manufacturers advanced financing capabilities not available elsewhere. Pre-approve business equipment purchasers (without cost or obligation) on every potential sale, to increase closing rates, shorten timing to close, and to improve product sale margin.  With pre-approval capabilities, QuickFi partners close more sales, faster, at higher margin.

Accelerate your equipment sales

QuickFi integrates seamlessly with internal sales teams and dealer or distributor networks to facilitate credit pre-approval and nearly instant, 24/7, borrower self-service loan completion with next day funding.

QuickFi Digital Business Equipment Financing Platform QualiFi Preapproval
QuickFi B2B Business Equipment Financing Platform Digital Credit Application
Fast, simple rollout

QuickFi also offers a secure, encrypted digital credit application option, which may be be completed by the equipment buyer to obtain an instant credit decision, from any web-connected device, anytime, from anywhere.

Finance online equipment sales

Global manufacturers selling equipment directly to business on the Internet can now integrate an existing web shopping platform with QuickFi to enable round-the-clock, instant financing capability in a web-based equipment selling model.

QuickFi Digital Business Equipment Financing Platform eCommerce B2B Financing

The QuickFi Difference

No upfront cost – no long-term commitment — pay only for funded transactions — hold the loans and leases yourself, or outsource the entire financing process to QuickFi.

 Expertise & Staffing
Leverage experienced credit underwriting, customer support, operations, risk, compliance, billing, collections and accounting expertise — without expensive software investments in legacy, non-digital software platforms — by establishing a single, 100% digital business partnership with QuickFi.

Implement a 100% digital platform (incorporating facial recognition, drivers’ license authentication, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other cloud & mobile technologies) white-labeled with your brand and managed by your organization.

Obtain 24/7/365 equipment financing capabilities to support your sales channels

QuickFi B2B Business Equipment Financing Platform Portal

What our partners are saying

Dean W., President at Sany Capital
“We’re excited about the benefits for our dealers and valued customers with this Sany – QuickFi partnership. Transactions that previously took days or weeks can now be completed in minutes, anytime day or night.”

Scott M., Area Sales Manager at Atlas Copco
“To have this ability to go into a customer and say you’re pre approved, that’s what closed this second deal … to say to the customer you’re pre-approved, and nothing is holding you back.”

Loren F., VP Sales at MTC Equipment
“This technology gives us the ability to compete at the level that we need to compete at and that has given us confidence in sales.”

Partner with QuickFi to Scale New Commercial Financing Disclosure Requirements

QuickFi Wins Best Embedded Finance Solution at the 2023 Finovate Awards


Integrate the QuickFi platform into your organization.