Pricing, Terms & Reporting
QuickFi Transparency.

Because QuickFi employs a 100% digital process that takes less than three minutes, and because there are no salespeople or negotiations, the cost to process your equipment financing transaction is a small fraction of the cost banks and finance companies incur to make a loan. These savings are passed back to you in the form of lower rates and transparent, customer-friendly terms.

Straightforward Terms

2 to 5 year fixed rate financing.
No fees, no deposits.
No extra charges of any kind.

Simple Contract, Simple Process

Export to review, share, or print.
Clearly summarized terms and conditions.
One digital signature.

Accessible Reporting

View finalized deals in one simple platform.
Access your contract anytime.
Easily filter, export, and share all reports.

QuickFi® enables creditworthy companies to obtain low, fixed-rate term equipment financing with no fees or hidden costs in minutes, not weeks. Please help us return trust to the commercial equipment finance marketplace. What will you do with all your free time, now that there is no need for calls, meetings, proposals, closing paperwork, multiple signatures, etc. with your loan officer or equipment finance salesperson?

Other Lendors: 2 – 21 Business Days
QuickFi: Three Minutes
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