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QuickFi enables creditworthy businesses to obtain low, fixed-rate term equipment financing with no fees or hidden costs in minutes, not weeks. After user authentication, complete financing in 3 minutes, with 3 simple steps.

QuickFi | The new way to finance equipment

1. Initiate

From your smartphone, upload your equipment invoices to the QuickFi mobile app (use the camera to take a picture, or upload directly from a cloud or local folder, or email an invoice file directly to QuickFi).

2. Select Structure

Choose the structure (finance or rent) and choose a term length (12-60 months) for your transaction. View your fixed loan interest rate and your monthly payment before making any commitment to proceed. There are never any fees, hidden costs, or deposits required.

3. Complete

Securely complete the transaction in QuickFi with only ONE single digital signature. Most vendors are paid the next business day.

There's never been a solution
this efficient.

The QuickFi platform is accessed from your mobile device, placing a 24/7 financing tool at your fingertips. QuickFi empowers business professionals to have immediate access to competitive, transparent, fixed-rate term financing, which may be initiated and completed all in 3 minutes. Here’s the breakdown:

Traditional Lenders: completed in 15 – 65 business days

QuickFi: completed in Three Minutes

Increase productivity.
Digitize your business.

QuickFi’s speed allows you to spend more time talking to your customers, not your finance company. Save time, money, and effort with QuickFi.

Traditional equipment financing is slow and broken

Medium size businesses often lack the staff and the resources to effectively negotiate with banks and other financial institutions. It’s time for a new, transparent approach to business equipment financing. It’s time for QuickFi.

Innovation is crucial in the competitive business marketplace, so we want to give your organization a leg up on the competition. Improve your business with new technology and create a better financial outcome for your shareholders.

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