QuickFi Wins Best Embedded Finance Solution at the 2023 Finovate Awards  

New York, NY (September 13, 2023) – QuickFi® is honored to win the 2023 Finovate Awards – Best Embedded Finance Solution by Finovate, a leading global fintech event series and digital engagement platform. QuickFi was also selected as a finalist for Best Financial Mobile App.

The awards presented at Finovate 2023 in New York City recognized the bank or financial institution that excels at engaging with small and medium sized businesses by offering quality products and an exceptional digital experience.

Finalists included companies like Mastercard, SoFi, JP Morgan, Chime, Array, and QuickFi. QuickFi was honored to be selected from these outstanding finalists.

The QuickFi B2B embedded finance platform drastically simplifies and accelerates the finance process for banks and original equipment manufacturers. Current banks and global OEMs leveraging the platform give their business customers a 24/7 tool to obtain term equipment financing in minutes, not days or weeks, all from the convenience of their mobile device.

QuickFi gives bank and manufacturers’ lending capabilities not available elsewhere. QuickFi’s patented technologies include biometric authentication, drivers’ license verification, KYC & KYB technology, facial recognition, AI/ML, process automations, and other advanced security, mobile and cloud technologies available instantly for your bank or OEM.

SMB customers self-serve business equipment financing from anywhere, at any time of the day or night. The 100% digital QuickFi platform costs a fraction of the legacy bank model. QuickFi provides a faster, preferred borrower experience.

QuickFi is an end-to-end platform, eliminating partner banks and manufacturers’ need to manage software and eliminating servicing, collection, customer service, IT, security and other staff costs.

To learn more about QuickFi, visit www.quickfi.com

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