QuickFi’s SVP Courtney DioGuardi Contributes to Built In’s Essential Leadership Qualities for the Future of Work

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April 21, 2022 – QuickFi® QuickFi Senior Vice President Courtney Dioguardi recently contributed to an article by Lisa Bertagnoli Lisa Bertagnoli of Built In, the online community for startups and tech companies. 

Courtney gave insights into how the future of leadership will evolve moving forward. “Self-awareness is part of emotional intelligence,” said Courtney Dioguardi, Senior Vice President at FinTech company QuickFi, who also helps women entrepreneurs secure funding for projects.

“I’ve observed leaders that are very aware of their emotions and how their emotions impact others,” she said. This self-awareness helps leaders manage high-stress situations, and helps them advise others in similar situations.

“I focus on connection. How do leaders take care of those on their team, connect them to the vision and each other, and inspire them to achieve their career goals and organization’s vision?”

Built In:
Built In is a network of local online communities connecting passionate tech professionals with startups and technology companies in five of America’s hottest markets. They help share your employer brand, promote your culture, participate in community events and recruit the right candidate for every position.

Their vision is to connect the world through a shared passion for tech and the human need for purpose. Learn more about Built In by visiting www.builtin.com

About QuickFi® by Innovation Finance USA LLC:
QuickFi is a 100% digital, self-service, technology platform designed to serve creditworthy business borrowers by employing the latest technology, and by enabling an entirely new, customer-friendly self-service business model.

QuickFi is operated by global equipment manufacturers and banks wishing to quickly and cost effectively adopt the most advanced, secure, low cost, white label branded, end-to-end 100% digital equipment financing platform.

Qualifying QuickFi manufacturer and bank partners pay no up-front cost, and no long-term commitment is required.

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QuickFi® is covered by one or more US & foreign patents.

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