3 FinTechs Changing the Equipment Finance Industry

A recent article by Equipment Finance News, a new publication at the nexus of vendor and lender news and education on equipment lending, highlighted 3 FinTechs changing the equipment finance industry, including QuickFi.

As the use of technology continues to grow in the equipment and equipment finance industry, FinTechs have led the charge providing services such as fraud detection, artificial intelligence-based decision models, and end-to-end digital financing solutions.

Equipment Finance News

Equipment Finance News, published by Royal Media, is an exciting new publication at the nexus of vendor and lender news and education, publishing insights and analysis on equipment lending, leasing and rental in agriculture, construction, transportation and material handling.

The publication was created to fill a gap in the market and spotlight the steps lenders and vendors are taking to advance equipment finance, insurance and aftermarket product operations at their respective organizations as the industry evolves from archaic, paper-based workflows to automated, frictionless processes.

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