QuickFi Digital Equipment Financing Platform for Banks at American Banker Digital Banking Conference

QuickFi Demos Platform for Banks Live at the 2022 American Banker Digital Banking Conference

Austin, TX (June 14, 2022) –  QuickFi® recently demoed their patented digital equipment financing platform live in front of 1000+ banking professionals from banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions at the 2022 Digital Banking event presented by American Banker, the essential resource for senior executives in banking and financial services.

QuickFi® enables business borrowers to obtain term equipment financing in minutes, not days or weeks. After user authentication, business borrowers complete financing in 3 minutes, with 3 simple steps.

QuickFi gives bank partners lending capabilities not available elsewhere. SMB customers self-serve business equipment financing from anywhere, at any time of the day or night. The 100% digital QuickFi platform costs a fraction of the legacy bank model. QuickFi provides a faster, preferred borrower experience.

QuickFi is an end-to-end platform, eliminating partner banks’ need to manage software and eliminating servicing, collection, customer service, IT, security and other staff costs.

Watch the live demo, here:

About American Banker Digital Banking:
Featuring engaging demos, interactive panels and insightful keynotes, DIGITAL BANKING is thoughtfully curated for powerful networking and meaningful discussions. This is where the banking community connects and collaborates to address the industry’s most pressing issues with a level of interactivity you won’t find elsewhere.

Learn more, here: https://conference.americanbanker.com/digital-banking

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