The new way.
to finance equipment.

Syracuse Office Environments has partnered with QuickFi to offer customers fast, fixed-rate term financing in minutes, not days or weeks. 

QuickFi Secure Onboarding

Fast & secure
onboarding experience.

See how Syracuse Office Environments’ customers can get securely set up with a QuickFi account and approved for $250,000 in minutes, utilizing the latest technology like facial recognition, license verification, and biometric scanning.  

The Next Generation of Equipment Financing

At Syracuse Office Environments, we help drive the outcomes that matter most to businesses. Through a full range of systems and digital solutions, we make buildings, and lending, smarter and faster.

Complete financing.
in 3 minutes.

Flexible terms & payments
Customers pick their payment plan, with low, fixed-rate options ranging from 12–60 months.

Revolutionary customer experience
Customers know exactly what they’ll owe, with no fees or hidden costs and no surprises.

24/7 Live Customer Support
QuickFi offers in app chat and live phone support 24/7/365.

Award-winning financing technology
Recognized across the globe.

Award Winning QuickFi 2022 Fintech Breakthrough Awards
Award Winning QuickFi 2022 Lendit Fintech Industry Awards Finalist
QuickFi winner 2021 Asset Finance Connect UK Conference and Awards
QuickFi Awards 2021 Pan Finance Award Winner
QuickFi Awards 2021 Monitor Daily Most Innovative Emerging Disruptor
QuickFi Best Tech Startup New York