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SANY Dealer Success Story


When completing an equipment sale with a prospective buyer, timing can mean everything. A pre-approved financing option available at the point of sale can mean the difference between winning or losing the sale.

In a recent transaction for the Iron Peddlers in North Carolina, QuickFi helped close a sale on an SY26U Excavator including an 18 in Bucket & Thumb with $35,982.75 in promotional financing. The equipment buyer was able to sign and consummate financing for his equipment in three minutes! The Iron Peddlers were paid the next business day on equipment delivery and acceptance.

Close your SANY equipment sales faster, with SANY Capital powered by QuickFi.

SY26U Excavator
Including 18in Bucket & Thumb


0.00% Promotional Rate
60 month

9:20 AM | Equipment Buyer Logged In to the Mobile App
9:21 AM | Equipment Buyer Saw Their Queued Transaction
9:22 AM | Equipment Buyer Signed The Financing Contract
Closed SANY Equipment Sale With Promotional Financing 100%

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Total Financed: $30,000.00

SY35 U Enclosed Cab

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