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to finance equipment.

Commscope has partnered with QuickFi to enable customers to obtain low, fixed-rate term equipment financing with no fees or hidden costs in minutes, not weeks. After user authentication, complete financing in 3 minutes, with 3 simple steps.

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See how Commscope customers can get securely set up with a QuickFi account and credit decisioned up to $250,000 in minutes. Watch the video here. 

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The Next Generation of Equipment Financing

CommScope pushes the boundaries of communications technology with game-changing ideas and ground-breaking discoveries that spark profound human achievement. Partnering with QuickFi allows us to deliver exceptional value to our customers through a revolutionary lending experience.
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Complete financing
in 3 minutes.

Watch how Commscope customers can complete the entire financing transaction in less than three minutes here. 

Traditional equipment financing is slow and broken

Medium size businesses often lack the staff and the resources to effectively negotiate with banks and other financial institutions. It’s time for a new, transparent approach to business equipment financing. It’s time for QuickFi.

Innovation is crucial in the competitive business marketplace, so we want to give your organization a leg up on the competition. Improve your business with new technology and create a better financial outcome.

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