QuickFi CEO Bill Verhelle Sits Down with the CEOShow in New York City

New York, NY, January 7, 2020 – QuickFi’s CEO Bill Verhelle sat down today with the CEO Show and host Bill Peters for a wide-ranging interview in their New York City studio. 

Bill Verhelle covered a range of topics including the revolutionary QuickFi platform, trends in commercial lending, and Bill’s philosophy on business and leadership. 

The full national radio interview available here

The CEO Forum and host Bill Peters sits down with Bill Verhelle at their studios in NYC
The CEO Forum and host Bill Peters sit down with Bill Verhelle at their studios in NYC

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Bill Verhelle is the CEO of Innovation Finance USA LLC, a U.S. commercial equipment finance company platform. QuickFi®, is the industry’s only 100% self-service financing solution. The QuickFi® mobile application enables business professionals to finance business equipment in three-minutes. No fees. No hidden costs. No paperwork. No salespeople. QuickFi® is transforming the $1Trillion per year U.S. commercial equipment financing industry.