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See how the QuickFi platform can transform your customers’ equipment buying experience, with 100% digital, mobile financing.

QuickFi Digital Equipment Financing Platform

Watch a Live Demonstration of the QuickFi B2B Embedded Finance Platform from the 2022 American Banker’s Digital Banking Conference

Revolutionary Technology
100% digital, borrower self service financing platform available 24/7/365 with native iOS and Android borrower mobile applications to facilitate secure, convenient borrower communications from anywhere at anytime

Control the SMB Finance Experience
Complete control over the customer financing experience, with real-time access into all in-process and completed transaction activity

Control the Terms & Conditions
Complete control over the simple English, borrower friendly, full-rate disclosure, no fee borrower lease and loan terms and conditions (which reflect favorably on the partner’s brand)

Access to Lease & Loan Data Throughout Repayment
Solution provides complete access to borrower repayment data throughout the assigned lease and loan term, facilitating vendor upselling, and marketing communications to creditworthy borrowers through the QuickFi mobile application

Experience & Reputation
Highly experienced management team with prior track record of running a successful national equipment finance platform at scale

Excellent TrustPilot Rating
Digital self service platform is currently operating in the U.S. with a combined marketplace borrower TrustPilot rating in excess of 4.8 out of 5.0

24/7 Live Customer Support
24/7 live borrower support through text, video and telephone available to all customers

100% Digital Platform Operating Throughout the U.S. with Multiple Global OEMS
Digital, borrower self-service lending platform is currently operating successfully in the U.S. for multiple global manufacturers

QuickFi® allows your organization to control the SMB finance experience for your customers with a revolutionary digital B2B embedded finance platform.

  • No upfront cost – deploy capital to other high-ROI initiatives
  • Less than 1/3 the cost to operate compared to the existing equipment financing process at scale1
  • Roll out 100% digital end-to-end platform in as little as two weeks
  • Save on overhead costs with a state-of-the-art 100% digital platform (incorporating facial recognition, drivers’ license authentication, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the latest in cloud and mobile technologies) white-labeled with your brand and managed by your organization
  • Obtain 24/7/365 equipment financing capabilities to support your sales channels

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Sources 1ELFA 2021 SIA (Survey of Industry Activity) Report

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